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Midtown Jhelum

Midtown Jhelum offers a premier lifestyle, blending luxury, convenience, and community in a vibrant space. With expertly crafted homes, commercial areas, schools, mosques, and recreational facilities,
We provide the ultimate living experience – more than a residence, it’s a dynamic community committed to quality, comfort, and convenience


Owners & Developers

Explore modern living in Jhelum with Midtown Housing Society, developed by Victory Construction-a leading construction company and marketed by Maidaan Marketing, the leading force in property-  buying, selling, leasing and marketing. Experience the pinnacle of innovation with our AI-generated real estate property solutions.

Jhelum Midtown

Developers & Owners


Mission & Vision

Our Mission

At Midtown Jhelum, our mission is to curate an exceptional living and business environment that integrates modernity, convenience, and community spirit. We are dedicated to crafting a vibrant society where families thrive, businesses flourish, and residents experience comfort and luxury. Through innovative design, top-tier amenities, and a commitment to excellence, we endeavour to foster a dynamic, inclusive, and sustainable haven that exceeds the expectations of our residents and stakeholders.

Our Vision

Our vision at Midtown Jhelum is to establish a benchmark in redefining contemporary living and commercial spaces. We aspire to become the nucleus of Jhelum’s progressive landscape, a place where every individual finds their ideal lifestyle, be it in a home designed for both elegance and functionality or in commercial spaces that cater to diverse needs. We envision a cohesive community fostering connections, enriching lives, and setting new standards in quality and comfortable living and business ventures. Our aim is to be recognized not just as a housing society, but as a catalyst for holistic growth, innovation, and enduring prosperity.

Legal and NOC Status

Midtown Jhelum ensures secure investment with impeccable legal status and obtained NOC. Rest easy knowing your property complies with all regulations, offering peace of mind and a solid investment.

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